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🚣‍♀CAKES ON THE GO 🚣‍♀(cakes for travel)🚣‍♀ 🚣‍♀Mast Mawa Cake 🚣‍♀Chai Masala Loaf 🚣‍♀Khajur Akhroad Cake 🚣‍♀Berry Mania 🚣‍♀Chocochip Vanilla 🚣‍♀Choco Banana Nut 🚣‍♀Marmalade Twist 🚣‍♀Iced Wonder 🚣‍♀Cream Cheese Pound Cake 🚣‍♀Choco Berry Delight 🚣‍♀Savoury Loaf 🚣‍♀Granny Smith Loaf 🚣‍♀Fruity Nutt Wheels 🚣‍♀Coconut Delight 🚣‍♀Fruit Seed Loaf 🚣‍♀Choco Cherry Loaf 🚣‍♀Rose Bundts Contact for paid recipe VAIDEHI CHALKE 9967715623
Hey friends, Now enjoy guilt free eating with our, Yummy , Tasty....... "HEALTHY BAKES" 🎀Oats, Honey & Dates Cake 🎀Singoda (water chestnut) Peanut Butter Cake 🎀High Fibre Protein Cake 🎀Ragi , Mix Seeds, Jaggery Cake 🎀Saffron Semolina Cake 🎀Beetroot & Moong Cake 🎀Wholewheat Orange And Date Loaf 🎀Butterless Whole Wheat Brownie 🎀Carrot Ragi Cake 🎀Zucchini Savoury Muffins 🎀Healthy Poppy Bundt Cake 🎀Pizza Muffins 🎀Fruity Nutty Healthy Muffins 🎀Whole Wheat Chocolate Cup Cake 🎀Banana Walnut Muffins 🎉All recipes available Contact for paid recipe Vaidehi Chalke-9967715623