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Twins marketing presents Diwali bonanza🎉🎊 You will find a gr8 opportunity this Diwali to look & learn different types of food cuisines.🍞🥖🍔🎂🍰🍧🍩🀼󮐼󭰼󨐊 We have planned a week special and detailed training for all those who have been interested since long. Training will include ➡ Pav & Bread making ➡ Cocktails and mocktails ➡ Icecreams ➡ Cookies & biscuits ➡ Chocolates and more ➡Cakes and pastries ➡ Basic of fondant (importance and exactly creative use) For fondant special batches will also be conducted. Date- 17th to 25th Oct, 2017 So hurry up!!!! Come up as foodies🤘🏻 (Note- Kindly let me know ur interests in well advance. Batch will be of 6 to 8 students maximum) All of the above mentioned courses will be informed u one day before which are supposed to be happened..No fixed schedule.. Everything as per the management gets ready
So let us make your cooking more innovative!!!!Wanna keep trying something new...then hurry up! connect us soon.For all our nashikities and their beloved ones we are bringing to you new, easy, trending and delicious recipes that you can always try at home and serve the foodies. We bring to you wide range of recipes that includes everything that means EVERYTHINGGGGG in your list. Healthy bakes, muffins, baked and tasty nuts, cakes, mocktails, cocktails, icecreams, mousses, frostings, juices, all kind of premixes[Sharbat premix**and many more], cookies, breads pizzas, indo-western snacks, authentic gravies, non-veg recipes and whatever you demand for. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS Contact us- make a online payment-Get all detailed recipes in your hands Benefits 1]Saves your time and money 2]You can try new varieties at home MOST IMPORTANTLY "it is BAHUT SASTAA to serve everyone very much MASTA" Contact-9730212962/9967715623
🍹🍸 Mocktails, shakes and Smoothies 30 practical & 80 recipes 1)lady lip/pink lady 2)blue lagoon 3)mint mojito 4)green temptation 5)pina colada 6)orange bloosam 7)fruit punch 8)mango strawberry punch 9)coconut punch 10)litchi limca float 11)ocean queen 12)carrabean sunset 13)virgen merry 14)ice tea 15)vande matram 16)aapke kiwi float 17)anar punch 18)black grapes punch 19)lime breeze 20)water melon cool 21)plum blowsam 22)pan padand 23)swiss strawberry 24)hawain beach cooler 25)cyndrella 26)Happy world 27)Blow man ice 28)grass sopper 29)chilly litchi moker 30)Brazil choco coke 31)rose tazze 32)kiwi margarita 33)mint summer dream 34)jungli cooler 35)titanic waves 36)lemon marthini 37)gulistan 38)summer special 39)mountain freezer 40)moonlight 41)silver sunset 42)mint magic 43)black jack 44)spice of life 45)blue curracao lemonade 46)masala soda 47)blue Hawaiian 48)berry blush 49)Italian smooch 50)berry punch 51)pomegranate gingerell 52)citrus sunshine 53)orange fantcy 54)African savannah 55)minty lemonade 56)apple infusion 57)fire on ice 58)mango twist 59)apple honey tea 60)shikanji 61)gulkand shake 62)any fruit shake 63)chocolate shake 64)butterscotch shake 65)rajbhog shake 66)kaju anjir shake 67)pina orange shake 68)Oreo shake 69)cold coffee 70)fruits smoothie 71)nutty strawberry banana smoothie 72)tropical smoothie 73)cheese cherry pineapple smoothie 74)papaya honey smoothie Contact for Recipes Vaidehi Chalke 99677 15623