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Recipes of the above are all available.If anyone wants the recipes contact Ms. Vaidehi Chalke on 9967715623.
Mocktail Recipes....Contact us 9967715623
Red Velvet fillings, Pizza, etc all recipes available at payable and affordable cost. Pls contact Vaidehi Chalke on 9967715623
So let us make your cooking more innovative!!!!Wanna keep trying something new...then hurry up! connect us soon.For all our nashikities and their beloved ones we are bringing to you new, easy, trending and delicious recipes that you can always try at home and serve the foodies. We bring to you wide range of recipes that includes everything that means EVERYTHINGGGGG in your list. Healthy bakes, muffins, baked and tasty nuts, cakes, mocktails, cocktails, icecreams, mousses, frostings, juices, all kind of premixes[Sharbat premix**and many more], cookies, breads pizzas, indo-western snacks, authentic gravies, non-veg recipes and whatever you demand for. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS Contact us- make a online payment-Get all detailed recipes in your hands Benefits 1]Saves your time and money 2]You can try new varieties at home MOST IMPORTANTLY "it is BAHUT SASTAA to serve everyone very much MASTA" Contact-9730212962/9967715623
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VARIETY OF SAUCES Nutella sauce Peanut butter sauce OREO choco sauce Caramel sauce Coffee nutella sauce Ferrerocher sauce Contact for paid recipe Vaidehi Chalke 9967715623
SALTY N SWEET CREPS Basic sweet creps Basic salty creps Hot sauce Mustard cream cheese dip Nutella creps Peanut butter n jam creps Stewed apple creps Dry fruit delight Fruit custard creps Cheesy spicy creps Corn n potato creps Cottage cheese n jalapeno crep Matchstick veg crep Spinach n peas creps CONTACT FOR PAID RECIPIE VAIDEHI CHALKE 9967715623
Healthy Baked Nuts Peri peri makhanas Sweet gulkand makhanas Hing jeera peanuts Sesame honey almonds Chocolate coated almonds Masala cashew Sweet caramel cashews Sweet strawberry cashews Cheesy herbed cashews Hot and sour cashews Blue lagoon makhanas Classic salted almonds Hot and sweet peanut Barbeque nuts Coffee orange mix nuts Caribbean nuts Balsamic herbed nuts Lemony mint nuts Wasabi peanuts Edible flower almonds Herbed chipotle peacans Mixed trail Contact for paid recipe VAIDEHI CHALKE 9967715623
🚣‍♀CAKES ON THE GO 🚣‍♀(cakes for travel)🚣‍♀ 🚣‍♀Mast Mawa Cake 🚣‍♀Chai Masala Loaf 🚣‍♀Khajur Akhroad Cake 🚣‍♀Berry Mania 🚣‍♀Chocochip Vanilla 🚣‍♀Choco Banana Nut 🚣‍♀Marmalade Twist 🚣‍♀Iced Wonder 🚣‍♀Cream Cheese Pound Cake 🚣‍♀Choco Berry Delight 🚣‍♀Savoury Loaf 🚣‍♀Granny Smith Loaf 🚣‍♀Fruity Nutt Wheels 🚣‍♀Coconut Delight 🚣‍♀Fruit Seed Loaf 🚣‍♀Choco Cherry Loaf 🚣‍♀Rose Bundts Contact for paid recipe VAIDEHI CHALKE 9967715623